Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Get Tech Plus?

Get Tech Plus is in business to add value to your money. We offer many services in one store at very competitive prices to save you money and our business core is in IT repair, troubleshooting your Android and Apple devices, computers, servers, laptop ,and networking security.

When you send your device or equipment in to be repaired , the companies don’t send your device or equipment back. They send someone else’s refurbished phone or equipment to you; not yours. And the prices they charge! …. All to discourage you from having your equipment repaired. to make you buy a new phone or equipment.

Phones or Equipment aren’t simple purchases anymore, they’re investments. That is why here at Get Tech Plus we don’t outsource our work to second or third parties; all our work is done in our stores.

Why buy Get Tech Plus prepaid cards?

Our prepaid tech support cards are good for unexpected expenses to save you money and enable you to stay in budget especially in today’s economy and also in today’s technology with a growing number of gadgets that our life style depends on from computers, laptops, iPods, iPads, iPhones, cell phones, routers, video game systems, and much more.

1. You don’t have to pay for labor only for parts for your device or equipment.

2. You will be paying on parts that are trending in real time so you can be assure that you getting the best price.

3. You are in control of your money because we will give a choice on used, refurbished or new parts.

4. Plans are upgradeable and transferable.

5. For these expensive parts on newer device or equipment you can replenish your account for credits for this unexpected expense .

6. Unlimited claims on your device or equipment gives buyers a piece mind when buying/selling a used device or equipment.

7. We believe our prepaid tech card will be a great gift to help people stay connected.

8. Loan device program.

What about other devices: GPS receivers, gaming systems, digital picture frames, etc.?

We repair them, but do not have cards for them. If demand is high enough, we’ll start supporting them with monthly and yearly cards.

Do we repair devices using pre-purchased parts?

Yes, although we have several caveats: We cannot guarantee the used parts or new parts you brought to us to fix, if you with purchased them from us, you must pay labor, even if you have a plan with us, and if your part turns out to be faulty, you must pay for replacement parts. If we cannot restore your device to full functionality after installing your part in the device, we are not responsible for the device beyond that repair, especially if it doesn’t power on in the first place.

When I bring my device or equipment to you would be able recover my files?

Our company policy is any device or you should back up equipment you bring to us for service the customer. We are not responsible for data left on devices or equipment however if you would like to recover files, we will be able to help you at current shop rates depending on how big are these files are and how long it takes due to virus etc…

Do we repair devices or equipment that are not registered on the standard or yearly plans?

Yes we do repair any device or equipment at current at shop rates.

Do we buy unwanted equipment?

At Get Tech Plus, we believe in green policies and environmental protection, therefore we buy unwanted equipment.

Do you have parts in stock for my device?

Here at Get Tech Plus, we try to keep our inventory of parts stocked up. However, with the great variety of manufacturers and devices out there, we may have to order parts. Upon purchase of services and registration of your device, we will order parts to keep them in stock.

Can parts and devices be special ordered?

Yes, we can special order custom parts or devices that are hard to find.

How long does it take to receive shipments?

It typically takes up to 5 business days to receive an order, depending on where it is being shipped.

Do we ship out of state?

Yes we ship out to all 50 states and outlying islands of the United States.

How long does it take?

Again, shipping usually takes five business days, unless extreme conditions interfere with shipping. At most, however, it will take seven business days.

What is the Order Replacement Program?

The Order Replacement Program (when available ) is a program to lend equipment out for our VIP customers who have placed an order to cell phone, but it is taking an unusual amount of time to fix or receive the parts.

What I need to do to become a VIP customer?

Our VIP customers have two or more devices pre –paid plans and more than 2 automatic bill payments with Get tech Plus plans , will automatically enroll you in our Order Replacement Program in addition our VIP’s will get one free accessories every 12 month for each registered device.

How does remote support work?

We use Goggle Remote Desktop sharing software that allows us, with your permission; to remotely view your computer’s working functions through your own computer screen. While we move through your system identifying and correcting problems and conflicts, you are able to monitor our activities, and control our access as you see fit.

How long does the average remote support session last?

On average, a remote session lasts about an hour – the length of time depends on the state of your computer and the nature of the problem(s).

Why Google Remote Desktop?

Because Goggle Remote Desktop is user friendly, it’s easy to use, secure, and it’s free and that help us keep our costs down so we can provide more services to you at a great price,

Is it secure?

Yes it is when you log in to Google Remote Desktop. You’re initiating a temporary 128-bit encrypted connection between your computer and that of the technician. Only the technician you have authorized to work on your computer can see or access your system.

Can you get into my computer after the session is over?

No, the desktop sharing application and supporting tools that allows us to view and interact with your computer only if you grant us the access code showing on your screen.

Why should I use Remote Get Tech Plus Support technician over a more traditional method of computer repair?

Allowing our technicians direct access to your computer saves you time and saves us money, allowing us to manage operating costs and keep our rates affordable.

Is it easy to use?

Very! Allowing a remote technician to access your computer through the Internet enables us to accurately diagnose the problem and ensure that it is repaired. You are saved the frustration and we keep our costs down so we can pass the savings to you.

What type of machines do you support?

We support all Windows and Macintosh computer systems as long as they can connect to the Internet. Eventually, we’ll also be able to perform remote support on Android devices.

Is your work guaranteed?

Our work is guaranteed for a period of 6 months from when the job was completed. This guarantee applies specifically to whatever was performed on your computer. This also applies to onsite computer repair. For the monthly and yearly-prepaid plans, tech support on the registered devices is guaranteed for one year. Parts are guaranteed for 60 days.

Are your technicians certified to work on my device or equipment?

Yes, they are and we in contact with area schools and colleges placement services to recruit our technicians

What if the problem isn’t fixed?

It is extremely rare that our technicians encounter a problem that they cannot repair. You will never be charged if our technician is unable to correct or fix your computer’s problem. The balance on your Get Tech Plus account monthly or yearly plans will be refunded.

Are you hiring?

Absolutely, yes. If you’re a talented computer technician we want to talk to you. Check out our jobs page.

Do you sell computers, laptops, smart phones, & parts in your store?

Yes we do. Here at Get Tech Plus, we believe that when a device or equipment is broken it can be fixed as long we have parts available but we also know that equipment has a life expectancy and it will not go forever, so we believe in buying new equipment when it’s a must or a choice, so that is why we offer new products in our stores and web site.

Get Tech Plus subscribers that buy from our store and web site will get an additional 20% off from the total purchase price.

For customers who buy their prepaid minutes or plans from us with different carriers will get 5% off from total purchase price.

How many claims are allowed per year?

Unlimited claims are allowed per year per device, please note, your account has to be good standing.

Are your plans upgradeable and transferable?

Yes, they are. That gives the subscriber piece of mind.

Can you come to my home or office if I am in need of onsite support?

Yes! Contact one of our technicians at 419-476-4GTP(4487) for details regarding onsite support. Please note (When available) there will be a surcharge and additional price for this service and that is not included on The Get Tech Plus pre-paid monthly or yearly plans.