Cell Phone Repair In Toledo

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If you need cell phone repair in Toledo, Ohio, trust the experts at Get Tech Plus. From minor repairs, to more complex situations, our staff is happy to assist you. Technology is expensive – before you decide to replace your cell phone, bring it to us!

Broken screen

If you have a broken screen on your cell phone, you may not be able to use it at all. If you are able to use it, you’re more than likely experiencing frustration due to the device not working properly. Get Tech Plus can repair broken cell phone screens and have your device back to working condition in no time.

Broken Keyboard

Having a keyboard on your cell phone provides ease of use an convenience. But if your cell phone has a broken keyboard, typing or sending a text can become impossible. At Get Tech Plus we can repair your cell phone’s keyboard so that your device can be functioning properly again.

Water Damage

Cell phones and water don’t mix – but before you decide to buy a replacement, bring your water damaged phone to Get Tech Plus for repairs. We are professionally trained at removing water damage and moisture in order to provide functionality to your cell phone again.

Frozen screen

If your cell phone has a frozen screen and is in need of repair, bring it to us for quick service! Our experts will accurately diagnose why your cell phone has a frozen screen and then make repairs.

Doesn’t Power Up

A cell phone without power can’t be used, which is why many people simply choose to spend money on a new phone if they’re experiencing power issues. But if you find that your cell doesn’t power up, come to us at Get Tech Plus first for repairs. We’re local experts who can restore life into your cell phone without you having to spend hundreds of dollars!

Power Flex Cable/Button Replacement

Get Tech Plus can easily assist you if your cell phone is having issues with the power flex cable or is in need of button replacement. We will provide you with a quick turnaround time so that your cell phone can return to working properly in no time.