Smart Phone Repair In Toledo

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Get Tech Plus provides smart phone repair in Toledo, Ohio. From broken screens to more complex problems, our experts can quickly repair your smart phone and have it back to working order in no time.

Broken Screen

Smart phones most often have touch screens that render the device useless if they become broken. We can quickly repair your broken smart phone screen so that your device functions great again.

Broken Glass Digitizer

Along with the screen, Get Tech Plus can also repair or replace broken smart phone glass digitizers. Don’t risk making the repair yourself – come see the experts for a quick repair for a fraction of the cost of a replacement device.

Water Damage

Water damage can happen at any time to your smart phone. From spilling a cup of coffee at your desk, to the phone being dropped in water, Get Tech Plus can repair smart phone water damage and have your device working properly again in no time.

Password Reset

Passwords are great to protect your private information, but if you forget your smart phone password then you won’t be able to access your device. Get Tech Plus can perform a password reset so that you can access your smart phone again.

Frozen Screen

A broken screen on your smart phone can result in you not being able to make calls, access the Internet, send a text and more. Get Tech Plus can repair the frozen screen on your smart phone so that you can return to enjoying your device.

Doesn’t Power Up

There are many reasons for why your smart phone doesn’t power up. Let the experts at Get Tech Plus make an accurate diagnosis and then make the necessary repairs to get your phone back in working order.

Back Cover Replacement

Smart phone back covers can easily crack, chip, get damaged or become lost. Get Tech Plus provides smart phone back cover replacement services so that you can ensure your device and its battery is fully protected.

Power Flex Cable/Button Replacement

Power flex cable and button issues can result in you not being able to use your smart phone. Our experts will determine where the problem is and then perform repairs or replacements.

WiFi Problems

If your smart phone cannot connect to the Internet, it may be due to problems with its WiFi. This can be a frustrating experience since most smart phone features require an Internet connection. Let us diagnose and repair your smart phone’s WiFi problems so that you can get connected again.

Charging Port Problems

If you’ve found that your smart phone doesn’t charge when you plug it in, you may have charging port problems. Bring it on it to Get Tech Plus so we can diagnose the issue and make charging port repairs if necessary.