Tablet Repair In Toledo

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Get Tech Plus provides tablet repair services in Toledo, Ohio. From fixing broken or cracked screens to diagnosing and repairing power issues, our experts will quickly address the problem and provide you with professional service.

Broken Screen

Tablets can provide endless hours of entertainment for business or personal use. But if your tablet has a broken screen, you may not be able to access all of its features or use the device at all. If your tablet has a broken screen, bring it to us for quick repairs and service.

Water Damage

Tablets are meant to mobile, which also means that they can experience water damage from being dropped or having something spilled on them. Our experts will quickly repair water damage so you can start using your tablet again and enjoying all of its features.

Password Reset

Don’t worry if you forget the password to your tablet! Get Tech Plus can perform a password reset for you so that you can gain access to your device once again.

Frozen Screen

If you were using your tablet and then all of the sudden the screen froze, you may be wondering what to do. A frozen tablet screen can be caused by a number of issues, but the experts at Get Tech Plus will determine what the problem is and then make the necessary repairs to get your device back in good working order.

Doesn’t Power Up

If your tablet doesn’t power up, you may be ready to buy a replacement. But before you do, bring it into Get Tech Plus for a diagnosis to see if your device can be repaired.

Back Cover Replacement

If your tablet was dropped, the back cover may be damaged. In other instances, a tablet’s back cover can simply become worn and won’t properly stay in place. Protect your tablet with a back cover replacement from Get Tech Plus.

Power Flex Cable/Button Replacement

Get Tech Plus can quickly determine if your tablet needs a new power flex cable, or if buttons need to be replaced. Keep your device in good working order by choosing Get Tech Plus for power flex cable and button replacement.

WiFi Problems

On your tablet, you more than likely check email, watch videos, access social media and much more. If your tablet is having problems connecting to WiFi, you won’t be able to use these features. Get Tech Plus will diagnose your tablet’s WiFi problems and then make repairs to get you back to being connected with your apps and more!

Charging Port Problems

With charging port problems, you may not be able to get your tablet to charge at all. If this is the case, your device’s battery won’t be able to fill back up and you won’t be able to use the tablet. Get your tablet’s charging port problems corrected with expert repairs from Get Tech Plus!