Laptop Repair in Toledo

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At Get Tech Plus, we provide you with expert laptop repair services in Toledo, Ohio. From basis computer maintenance, to troubleshooting and repairing difficult problems, trust our professionals for your PC and Apple computer repairs.

Windows & Apple Products

Get Tech Plus provides laptop repairs for both Windows and Apple products. Whether your laptop is a touch gaming machine, or an efficient business computer, we will accurately diagnose and repair any issues you may be having.


Not sure what’s wrong with your computer? Diagnosing isn’t always easy as computers have many working parts. At Get Tech Plus, we will diagnose your machine to determine the root of the problem.


If your laptop hasn’t been performing efficiently, it may be in need of a good cleaning. After time, files become corrupted and software may leave behind temporary data that can weigh your system down. Get Tech Plus provides professional computer cleaning services.

Virus Removal

A computer virus can cause numerous problems. Not only can it have an affect on the data stored on your computer, but it can also cause your computer to run slow or be unusable. Get Tech Plus’s experts will find and remove viruses, malware and spyware from your laptop.

Installation of New Operating System

Need a new operating system on your laptop? Whether you want to try something new, or you’re just upgrading to the newest version, our experts can quickly do the installation for you.

Memory Repair/Replacement

The memory in a laptop can go back or at some point, you may wish to upgrade to more memory. At Get Tech Plus, we will quickly make any memory repair or replacements that you need.

DC Jack Repair

Get Tech Plus can easily and quickly make DJ jack repairs to your laptop. If the DC jack isn’t working properly, your laptop may not be able to charge. Get the needed repairs done so that your laptop can return to normal functionality.

Hard drive Repair/Replacement

If the hard drive in your laptop isn’t working right, don’t risk data loss and hope that the hard drive holds up! Bring your laptop to Get Tech Plus for professional laptop hard drive repairs and replacement.

Keyboard Repair/Replacement

Laptop keys can easily come off, become stuck or suffer from damage due to spills. Get Tech Plus will quickly get your laptop’s keyboard back in good working order.

Motherboard Repair/Replacement

If your laptop’s motherboard is in need of repair or replacement, trust us to get your computer back up and running properly quickly. Motherboard issues in laptops can happen due to excessive heat or wear and tear on parts. We will accurately diagnose the problem and then quickly make the repairs.

Windows Password Reset

With so many passwords to remember, people oftentimes forget their Windows password, which locks them out of accessing their laptop files. Get Tech Plus can perform a Windows password reset on your laptop so that you can regain access and start using your computer again.

Network Set Up

Laptops are meant to be mobile computers – meaning that you’ll get the most out of your computer by having proper networking set up. Get Tech Plus can take care of your network set up for your laptop so that you can get connected and stay connected.

Update Drivers

If your laptop has been having issues lately, it may be due to a driver problem. Outdated drivers can cause software and hardware to stop working, rendering your laptop slow or not functioning properly. The professionals at Get Tech Plus can update your drivers for you to make sure that they’re installed correctly and that you have the proper drivers.

Remote Support

Can’t make it to Get Tech Plus? That’s not a problem since we provide remote laptop support! If you’re having a problem with your laptop, the experts at Get Tech Plus can remote into your system to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and we may be able to address the problem without having to see your computer.