iPad Repair In Toledo

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Get Tech Plus is your full service iPad Repair center in Toledo, Ohio! If you’re experiencing problems with your iPad, bring it to us so that our expert repair staff can restore your device to its full potential. Check out our iPad repair services below!

Broken screen

A broken screen on an iPad essentially renders your device useless. Don’t put up with a broken iPad screen and don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a new device before you see us at Get Tech Plus! Get Tech Plus repairs broken iPad screens and we serve the greater Toledo, Ohio area.

Broken Glass Digitizer

The glass digitizer on your iPad can render your device difficult to use, or you may not be able to use it at all depending on how bad the damage is. Whether it has a small crack that’s more of an annoyance, or the digitizer is completely shattered, bring it to Get Tech Plus so that we can get you back to using your iPad in no time.

Water Damage

iPads and water don’t mix, so what do you do if yours has water damage? Bringing it to Get Tech Plus is your first step. Many people try to fix their iPad’s water damage themselves, which oftentimes only leads to more damage – our experts

Password Reset

Locked out of your iPad? Don’ spend hours trying to figure it out – bring it into us at Get Tech Plus for a password reset so you can get back to using your device in no time.

Frozen Screen

If your iPad has a frozen screen, you’re not able to use your device. If no matter what you do, the screen stays frozen, it’s time for professional service.

Doesn’t Power Up

There are many reasons for why your iPad doesn’t power up. Rather than trying to diagnose the issues yourself, bring it into Get Tech Plus to let our professional repair staff bring life back into your iPad.

Back Cover Replacement

Screens aren’t the only parts of iPads that can get damaged or broken. If you need back cover replacement for your iPad, we have you covered.

Power Flex Cable/Button Replacement

iPad button stuck or not working? Having issues with your power flex cable? Instead of letting your expensive device sit idle, bring it into us so that we can have it back up and working in no time.

WiFi Problems

Can’t connect to the Internet on your iPad? If your iPad won’t connect to WiFi, it’s a major inconvenience! An iPad without WiFi means that you’re not able to use most of the device’s features. Bring it to Get Tech Plus so you can get your iPad’s WiFi problems taken care of!

Charging Port Problems

If your iPad no longer charges or it has problems charging, it may be a problem with the charging port. If you find yourself going through cables only to find that nothing is helping, bring your iPad into us so that we can determine if it’s the charging port and make the appropriate repairs if need be.