Computer Repair In Toledo

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Individuals and businesses today depend on their computers for just about everything. From working, to staying in touch with friends and family, having a properly functioning computer is essential. Get Tech Plus provides computer repair services in Toledo, Ohio. We are a local company, which means you don’t have to go through shipping your computer out to a repair shop and waiting weeks to get it back. We can take care of the services below for you and we always provide our customers with fast turnaround times and professional service.

Windows & Apple Products

Get Tech Plus provides computer repair services for both Windows (PCs) and Apple Products. From minor issues to more complex problems, our expert staff will diagnose your computer and provide you with professional repairs.


With computers today, the first step in fixing a problem is diagnosing what is wrong. However, computers are complex machines and the issue may not readily stand out or be known to users. at Get Tech Plus, we provide comprehensive computer diagnosis services that will accurately determine the root of the issue.


As a computer gets used, the hard drive, memory and other components get weighed down. In turn, this can lead to your computer not functioning at its optimal level, or other issues. Get Tech Plus provides cleaning services to make your computer run like new again.

Virus Removal

No computer user intends to get a virus, but even when you’re doing everything in your power to protect your pc, viruses, malware and spyware can still infect your machine. Get Tech Plus provides professional virus removal services to free your computer of unwanted software and to restore your computer to optimal health.

Installation of new operating system

If you’re upgrading your computer to a new or different operating system, Get Tech Plus can help. Installation of a new operating system can be a time consuming process – let our experts do the work for you.

Memory Repair/Replacement

Not having enough memory in your computer, or having corrupt memory can cause major issues. Get Tech Plus can perform memory repair and/or replacement services to get your computer working in proper order again.

DC Jack Repair

After awhile, the DC jack on your computer may become worn and stop working properly. This can cause a loss of power to your system. If you’re experiencing DC jack problems with your computer, bring it to us for repairs.

Hard drive Repair/Replacement

The hard drive is what stores all of your computer’s data. A hard drive that is not working properly can cause a loss of system data or file data. If you’re experiencing hard drive problems, bring your computer to us for repairs. We can also perform hard drive replacement services.

Keyboard  Repair/Replacement

Missing or non-working keys on your keyboard? Whether it’s a simple repair such as key replacement, or there are bigger problems with your computer’s keyboard, the staff at Get Tech Plus will accurately diagnose the problem and make necessary repairs.

Motherboard Repair/Replacement

When a computer’s motherboard goes bad, many people opt to replace the whole computer and end up spending several hundred dollars. However, before you spend a ton of money on a whole system replacement, bring your computer to Get Tech Plus so that we can diagnose the issue and make motherboard repairs or perform a replacement.

Windows Password  Reset

Locked out of Windows? If you forgot your Windows password, you don’t have access to your computer’s files and cannot use the system. Get Tech Plus can perform a Windows password reset to restore access to your machine.

Network Set Up

Setting up a networking for your home or office can seem like an overwhelming process. Rather than trying to spend the time to figure it out, the professionals at Get Tech Plus can perform network set up services for you.

Update drivers

If your computer’s hardware or software isn’t working properly, it may be due to driver update issues. Get Tech Plus can ensure that your computer has the most up to date drivers and the correct drivers installed.

Remote Support

Can’t leave your home or the office and you’re having computer problems? Did you know that many computer issues can be solved without you having to haul the entire computer system in to be serviced? Get Tech Plus provides remote support, enabling us to troubleshoot your computer problems and provide you with assistance.