Panasonic LUMIX FZ80 4K Digital Camera, 18.1 Megapixel Video Camera, 60X Zoom DC VARIO 20-1200mm Lens, F2.8-5.9 Aperture, Power O.I.S. Stabilization, Touch Enabled 3-Inch LCD, Wi-Fi, DC-FZ80K (Black)

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  • Point and Shoot Long Zoom Camera: 18.1 megapixel MOS sensor plus 60X zooms DC Vario lens (20 1220 millimeter and Power O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) captures far off moments
  • High Resolution View Finder and LCD Display: High resolution 1,170K dot view finder and rear touch enabled 3 inch LCD Display (1040 dots) are clear even in bright sunlight. Lens:14 elements in 12 groups
  • 4K video Capture: 4K QFHD video recording (3840 x 2160) with three unique 4K ultra HD video pause and save 4K photo modes extracts individual high resolution Photos from 4K ultra HD video filmed at 30 frames per second to capture split second moments
  • Low Light Performance: Low light capture lets you enjoy photography during your nightlife again with impressive results; Note: Refer to user manual PDF attached below in technical specification for trouble shooting steps are on page 54
  • USB Charging and Wi-Fi Connectivity: Enjoy travel ready technologies like USB charging and Wi Fi connectivity to your mobile device; HDMI D (Micro), Micro USB and USB 2.0 provide additional connectivity to your favorite devices; Max resolution: 4896 x 3672
Brand Panasonic
Included Components Battery Pack, Shoulder Strap, Camera, AC Adaptor, USB Cable
Special Feature Image-stabilization
Color Black
Video Capture Resolution 2160p
Shooting Modes Manual
Lens Type Converter
Exposure Control Type Manual-and-automatic
Form Factor Compact
Model Name Panasonic Lumix FZ80
Top reviews from the United States
  • John Roberts 4.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME ZOOM, poor low light action shots, no focus ring, FAST FPS, Great bargain at $300 Reviewed in the United States on June 29, 2018 Verified Purchase Pros: The zoom is truly awesome in this. No SLR lens can compare. It's great for birdwatching, zooming in on a face in the crowd, wildlife shots, and even just cool stuff that's a long way away. 4k video is great. I'm a Canon SLR person and they don't have 4k in the low or mid-range for an SLR, so that's why I got this and it is great. Fast FPS. The camera can take 4k video, which is 8mp at 30fps. It claims it will do it in 4k Burst mode, which really means it takes a 4k video and will show you frame by frame and let you select ones to make photos. Horrible to do on the camera's screen, I wound up getting software that would do it on my PC and just pulling all the images out. Which you can do from any video, so this is an ineffective feature (at least for me). I wanted something that would create 30 images/second, which I could go through on a real screen and post quickly. As this feature is why I chose the Lumix over a Nikon, I'm a little annoyed at their implementation. Cons: Low light conditions for moving subjects are awful. To the point that you will have low light issues in places you didn't realize were low light, and there is no "action" choice on the selector. The F2.8 for the lens in wide isn't matched by a very sensitive sensor, or it's not automatically upping the sensitivity as needed. I have a ton of blurry shots of my kids because of this. I've played with the light levels and it is cludgey at best, completely ineffective at worst. I've hit a sweet spot a couple of times by setting it to 1/60th of a second, but it still has issues (and my kids aren't that fast). This is an AMAZING outdoor daytime camera, but for kids in a bounce house it doesn't work for me. No Focus Ring, so obstructed zoom is hit or miss. Generally, zoom and autofocus are fantastic and FAST. This means that taking a picture of wildlife that is partially obstructed by a branch means that you may get a fantastic shot of a leaf instead of the Pileated Woodpecker you were trying for. Also, since the aperture only goes to F-8, there's a limit to how much depth you can get so that crystal clear leaf may only be 6 inches closer than the woodpecker, but, oh well. Very limited options on the selection wheel. They've got the fab 5 (auto, P, A, S, M), then Expressive (for filters), Portrait, Panoramic, C? (maybe custom, but defaults to 1080p/60fps), and then Video (for adjusting settings in video mode) My last complaint is the smallest, the features (like C above) are poorly explained on screen (aperture is only "A", which isn't useful to noobs), which means that Panasonic style features are not understandable to people with more experience. I accidentally turned on the feature of take 3 shots and merge them which doesn't work for kids moving (but would be great for landscape shots). Missed 1/2 of my kids' Karate class trying to fix it instead of taking pictures. Overall, this is an AWESOME camera if you are taking zoomed pictures or videos in sunlight, or of non-moving subjects. The autofocusing on a leaf can be annoying, but survivable. The wifi, etc. is nice but not particularly useful for me. I have tested it and it'd be great to put on a monopod and use your phone to selection shots in a crowd. And for $300, no SLR can compare on value. However, once Canon comes out with the T8i, if the 4k is good, I'll likely put this on craigslist. Because of the crappy low light, I still use my Canon T4i if I'm going somewhere like the Baltimore Aquarium or Natural History Museum with my boys, and this camera should have put my T4i to bed. Read more 476 people found this helpful
  • JerryInLodi 5.0 out of 5 stars It beats my old Nikon by far at everything Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2018 Verified Purchase I've only had the camera for three days. I have to admit that the selection and menu choices were overwhelming at first, even with some familiarity with cameras. Panasonic has some features unique to its brand and learning the terminology took some time. Rather than read the online manuals, I watched some of the tutorials available on You-Tube. I found 16 dedicated videos by Graham Houghton on the use of the camera. I'm about a quarter of the way through. The claims that the camera doesn't perform in various conditions just don't seem to hold any weight when one learns how to operate the camera properly, especially the claim that it performs poorly in low light. I took the camera to the hockey rink and shot in the lighting available in sports mode and was able to capture some great shots. I played around operating the camera in different modes outdoors and shot a hummingbird in flight at 1/8000 of a second, freezing the bird's wings in flight. Admittedly, the lighting was not in my favor from my vantage point but it was just a camera test, not an attempt at a prize winning photo. I took numerous photos of the same dahlias in different modes and ended up with a series of totally different interpretations of the same image.
  • Max Pickelsimer 5.0 out of 5 stars Great camera for a great price. Reviewed in the United States on March 17, 2019 Verified Purchase I bought this camera because I wanted more performance than my iPhone without dropping a ton of money into a heavy camera that wouldn’t be practical for carrying on hikes. I’m just a little over a month into getting to know this camera and I couldn’t be more impressed. I’m attaching a few photos to show the experience I’ve had using this camera to date.